A Day in the Death

By Mark
Episode Title: A Day in the Death

Duration: 47 minutes and 13 seconds

Written by: Joseph Lidster

Directed by: Andy Goddard

Transmission Date: 27th February 2008

Ratings: 3.08 million

Synopsis: A victim of his new-found circumstances, Owen Harper believes he needs absolution, as Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies' award-winning drama continues. Will the lonely girl on the rooftop help him, or will it be a mission to retrieve an alien device that is proving more lethal by the second? And how far will Toshiko go to help him?

Cast List: Captain Jack Harkness - John Barrowman
Gwen Cooper - Eve Myles
Owen Harper - Burn Gorman
Toshiko Sato - Naoko Mori
Ianto Jones - Gareth David-Lloyd
Martha Jones - Freema Agyeman
Henry Parker - Richard Briers
Maggie Hopley - Christine Bottomley
Farrington - Louis Decosta Jonson
Taylor - Brett Allen
Webb - Gil Koliran