From Out of the Rain

By Mark
Episode Title: From Out of the Rain

Duration: 45 minutes and 27 seconds

Written by: Peter J. Hammond

Directed by: Jonathan Fox Bassett

Transmission Date: 12th March 2008

Ratings: 2.9 million

Synopsis: When an old cinema re-opens, past horrors emerge to stalk the streets of Cardiff, as Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies' award-winning drama continues. As bodies are found, in a state between life and death, Torchwood must act fast. Who are the Night Travellers? And how can Torchwood capture these mysterious killers?

Cast List: Captain Jack Harkness - John Barrowman
Gwen Williams - Eve Myles
Toshiko Sato - Naoko Mori
Ianto Jones - Gareth David-Lloyd
Owen Harper - Burn Gorman
Ghostmaker - Julian Bleach
Pearl - Camilla Power
Jonathan Penn - Craig Gallivan
David Penn - Stephen Marzella
Faith Penn - Hazel Wyn Williams
Nettie Williams - Lowri Sian Jones
Christina - Eileen Essell
Restaurant Owner - Anwen Carlisle
Senior Nurse - Yasmin Wilde
A&E Nurse - Caroline Sheen
Young Dad - Alastair Sill
Young Mum - Catherine Olding